About Us

Monster Cleaning Weybridge is an incredibly reputable firm which has been working in the field of professional cleaning services for a long time. The company’s founders started the business with the ambition to offer clients a new generation of effective home and commercial cleaning solutions. Today, we from Monster Cleaning Weybridge can say that we have not only managed to shake up the industry with our premium quality but we have also successfully brought the price of comprehensive cleaning services in Weybridge down to a new minimal. That and the joy written on our customers’ faces motivates us to work even harder and to reach new and greater heights.

Our equipment and products

We can’t afford to compromise on the service quality we offer which is why we have equipped our team of certified cleaner with advanced cleaning machines and tools. We use a wide selection of professional equipment like:

  • Pressure washers
  • Carpet cleaners
  • Steamers
  • Scrubbers
  • Vacuuming systems
  • Hot water extractors

That allows us to use a greater range of reliable cleaning techniques that always provide excellent results. Our timely cleaning services are also health and eco-friendly because the products and supplies on which we rely contain zero chemicals and toxic ingredients. This is one of the reasons why many of our clients are people who have domestic animals or little children in their household.

Our team of cleaners

The combined experience of our trained cleaning specialists is remarkable and their manners are always impeccable. Every member of our coherent team is insured and registered. We also run background checks of all successful job applicants before hiring them. Therefore, our seasoned personnel are not only highly skilled and competent but they also trustworthy. They respect the privacy of our clients and they work in a quiet and nondisruptive way which will enable you to do your daily tasks even when they are in your home or office.

Our clients enjoy many benefits

We do not work in a hit-or-miss manner because we are able to provide you with a 100% satisfaction every time we come to clean your property. There are numerous advantages which you will be able to enjoy if you book us, including:

  • Low regular rates
  • Free cleaning advice
  • Flexible schedule
  • Custom quotes

No matter whether you are a private or a business client, we will grant you our full and undivided attention because we treat all of our customers equally.

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